Roasted Chestnuts

At first the smell… of roasted chestnuts.

Then the old guy selling it and behind him the three giggling girls sitting on a storage box. On the other side the group of men look like they’re discussing some important stuff. I noticed it all and it looked like a painting to me so I felt the urge to shot.

This is a picture of London I like, it’s not typical London, it’s more real than the image of London’s polished streets we use to think of. That’s why I like it


Picture entered for the Lens Culture street award competition, you can support it by sharing at this link

A lost generation

Lost between youth and death.

There is a generation that is lost between the feeling of being a child and the awareness of being not. This generation is slowly disappearing and with it their gestures, their looks and the things they do too. This is a work in progress, to document a lost generation before it will be gone.