A personal project about life, death and what sits in between: the presence of absence.

My grandfather entered the hospital for a day care and never get out. When he died my mother was too afraid to open his house, where he lived all alone as a farmer. The house was like suspended in time, like he was still there, maybe just left for groceries. I decided about six months later to open it, to get in and look for him.

At first I thought it would have been a painful and sad project, that it would have crashed me simply seeing his stuff lying around.

I was surprised instead by a sense of peace, a sort of hide and seek with my grandfather.

I felt like he was there, somehow, even though I am not a religious person this project pushed me to make peace with his abandonment, with his death.

I truly believe photography can be therapeutic, it is our way to face difficult moment of our lives and to know us a little better every shot we take.