I am an italian graphic designer with a passion for photography & arts. I have been living in London for few years and then moved here in Alicante where I found an unexpected interesting atmosphere.

Looking back at my experiences so far, the best things happened to me when I stretched out of my comfort zone. That kind of  “hold-your-breath-before -jumping” sort of feeling, scaring and exciting. A new place to live, a project that makes you a bit uncomfortable, a far away journey where you don’t speak the language… I love traveling with my backpack and a camera, seeing new places and meeting people along your journey, listening to their stories.

I like to blame my father for my love for photography: it all started with his canon ae1 which I still use. I also shoot digital and I like it for its sharpness even though it lacks the magic of “making a picture”. I don’t see myself as a photographer yet. I use photography in my work as a tool and in my life as therapy. There is something about walking and shooting that creates a sort of window to look at the world and, at the same time, at yourself.

I studied both digital and analogue photography but I still have to improve the control of  light and composition…a I tend to be very critical to myself! I studied both at the university and studios, last but not least at the school of arts MISTOS in Alicante, where I found a great atmosphere and a nice bunch of people. Sometimes I shot every other day, sometimes I leave my camera in a closet. I have lots of ideas for concepts but then I tend to get stuck along the way (yes, I am working on this).

You can see some of my photographs here.

I surround myself with inspiring movies, books and photos cause I think looking at other people’s work is a way of discovering what we like, what we have in common with others’ view of the world. I love personal and provocative project, there is something very interesting in this subtle but strong link between the person and the photographer.

If you want to know more about my professional career and my education you can see my CV here, or you can drop me an email in the contact section.